Nathalie Agar, Ph.D.


Director, Surgical Molecular Imaging Laboratory
        Department of Neurosurgery, Brigham and Women's Hospital
Instructor of Surgery
        Harvard Medical School


Ph.D. Chemistry (Dr. Justin Powlowski), Concordia University, Montreal, Canada, 2002

B.Sc. Biochemistry, Laval University, Quebec, Canada, 1997

Postdoctoral Training:

Postdoctoral Fellow, Neurosurgery (Dr. Rolando Del Maestro), McGill University, Montreal, Canada, 2002-2005

Postdoctoral Fellow, Neurosurgery (Dr. Peter M. Black), Harvard Medical School, 2005-2007

Honors and Prizes:

Inorganic Biochemistry Summer Workshop (IBSW), Center for metalloenzymes studies (CMS), University of Georgia, Selected participant, 1998

Workshop on the Biosynthesis of Iron-Sulfur Clusters, Virginia Tech, Invited participant,

Documented in Chemical and Engineering News from the American Chemical Society (Nov. 2001), 2000

First Course on Molecular Mechanisms in Brain Tumors, M.D. Anderson Cancer Center and the American Brain Tumor Association, Selected participant, , 2003

Brigham Leadership Program, Brigham and Women’s Hospital and Harvard Business School, Executive Education in Leadership, 2008-2009

Inducted to the Society of J.W. McConnell Awardees, J.W. McConnell Foundation, 2009-present

NIH Director’s New Innovator Award, National Institute of Health, National Institute of General Medical Sciences, 2010

2011 BWH Palmie Award, Brigham and Women’s Hospital, Recognition for innovative research and funding accomplishment